Church History


History of the Midville First Baptist Church

Mrs. Vera Warren presented the following history of MFBC on its 100th Anniversary March 27, 1977.

Our church was organized March 26, 1877. Its organization was effected by reason of the enthusiastic and dedicated efforts of Mr. Francis A. Jones and Rev. James M. Cross. Rev. Cross was ordained by Bark Camp Baptist Church and he gave 35 years of his life to the work of the Hephzibah Association. The charter members were Francis A. Jones, Rufus Cross, Thomas J. Nasworthy, James M. Jones, Mrs. E. Nasworthy, Mrs. Mary Knight, and Mrs. Elizabeth Jones. Early deacons were Francis A. Jones, Thomas J. Nasworthy, T.J. Holcombe and James m. Jones. The first business meeting was opened with the reading of the Church Covenant which read,

“Having been called as we humbly trust from utter darkness into His marvelous light and liberty of the gospel and having been baptized upon a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, we enter into this solemn covenant, with one another and with God who sees and knows the intents of our hearts.”